Zontiga is a specialised photographic film processing and printing company.

Our team is formed by individuals who are passionate about film photography. We know there are many more people like us, who know how hard it is to find a lab to process and scan film with accuracy, care and high dedication. We take pride in providing fast, fun and friendly photography services, and always keeping our lab and darkroom safe, clean and organised for our customer.

Our equipment includes the Fujifilm Frontier 500 Scanner, Fuji Frontier SP-3000 scanner, Frontier S DX100 inkjet Printer,  Epson V800 Scanner, and Noritsu V30 film processor. The latest addition is the set up of our B&W darkroom.  It is equipped with 2 B&W enlargers (Kaiser VP7005 and LPL 7452), allowing us to print from 35mm, medium formats (6x6, 6x7, 6x4.5) and Large Format 4x5 negatives.

We also retail a wide range of color and B&W films, analogue photography accessories, photo albums and frames at our store in Taman Paramount and Online Store.