Do you sell film?

Yes, we do! Drop by our shop in Taman Paramount or get them at our film vending machines in REXKL and One Half. We do not sell film on our online store.

What film do you sell?

We carry a range of 135 and 120 films from Kodak, Fuji (including Instax), Ilford, Lomography, Fomapan, CineStill… amongst others. We recommend that you drop by our shop to see our whole selection! :)

Can I order film and other goods and get GrabExpress or Lalamove to pick them up?

Yes, however full payment must be made before we will hand your order to the driver.

Please contact us via Instagram DM if you would like to place an order. Cut off time for same day delivery orders is 4:30pm and you will need to organise the driver to pick up your order before our shop closes.

Which film processing service do I need?

We offer two film processing services at Zontiga: C-41 (colour negative) and B&W hand processing. 

Your film will indicate on the canister or box which film processing service you need 

A few B&W films (e.g. Ilford XP2) use C-41 processing even though it’s typically a colour negative process.

Can you process my film in one day?

Unfortunately, we do not offer express services. Our turnover time is approximately 7 days for all services (including printing).

Do you offer film cross processing service?

No, we do not offer any type of film cross processing service.

Do you offer ECN-2 and motion film processing?


Do you offer E-6 (slide film) processing?

No, we do not offer colour reversal/positive/slide film processing.

Are your negative scans high resolution?

Yes, we scan our negatives at the highest resolution possible. Expect your files to be approximately 4000 x 6000 pixels (135 film) and between 3 - 5MB per photograph. You can expect a similar file size and resolution for other film formats.

Do you print custom photobooks?

No, at this point in time we do not provide this service.

Do you repair cameras?

No, we do not offer camera repair services and we usually redirect our customers to J-One Camera in Amcorp Mall if they need to have their cameras looked at.

How do I mail my film in on use your film drop-box?

Please refer to this page for instructions on how to use these services.

Can you print my photographs immediately?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide instant print services.

Do I need to collect my negatives?

We urge you to collect your negatives as it’s the reason you shoot film 🙂 In fact, your negatives usually contain more information than is shown in a scan or print. Your positive image is usually only an interpretation of your negatives. The magic of your photographs starts with your negatives!

We can go on about how important it is to keep your negatives… but please pick them up! We have limited space and cannot hold on to everyone’s negatives, but at the same time it doesn’t feel right for us to destroy your memories <3

If you cannot come by to the shop and would like us to post your negatives back, please send us an email ( or drop us a DM on Instagram. Delivery charges apply.

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