Mencari Rumah Untuk Pulang

Book Size: 203 x 160 x 35mm
Pages: 98 pages
Book Type: Hard Cover


'Mencari Rumah Untuk Pulang' (Wandering for A Home) is a juxtaposition of three artistic disciplines (poetry, performance, and photography) in a spiritual exploration through three different time periods.

Api Husien published a series of poems ('Mencarimu') that revolved around his spiritual quests in 2016. This drove him to continue asking and searching, whether for God, himself, or something that he wasn’t looking for, but discovered in the process.

As there is life, there is death. Both are manifestations of God. He became intimately familiar with death in order to validate that he was still alive.


'Mencari Rumah Untuk Pulang' is limited to 100 numbered and handmade copies. Various printing methods (silkscreen and xerox printing), materials (MDF board and 250gsm art card brown paper), and production techniques (hand-stitching and sawing) were utilised by Api to achieve the book’s final form.

This is Zontiga's first publication.

Mencari Rumah Untuk Pulang
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