Malaysian Photobook Exhibition (26 August - 18 September 2022)

Zontiga and Photobookclub Kuala Lumpur (PBKL) are proud to present a collection of 50+ Malaysian Photobooks from 26 August - 18 September, 2022.

The photobooks are part of Zontiga and PBKL’s private collection, on loan from various contributors (thank you!), and include out of print, mock ups, independent and recent publications. This exhibition also marks the beginning of the Malaysian Photobook Archive.

Browse the collection and be inspired by the talent of our country’s people!


As we have limited space, please RSVP if you would like to attend any of the events.

Event Registration Link:

27.08 Saturday
Malaysian Photobook Exhibition & Archive Launch
2 - 3pm
Photobookclub KL and Zontiga officially launch the Malaysian Photobook Exhibition and the Malaysian Photobook Archive!

31.08 Wednesday
Merdeka Day: We are open!
We're making an exception to this Wednesday and opening for Merdeka Day. Come on over and check out the exhibition!

03.09 Saturday
Artist Sharing Session 1
2 - 4pm
In this PBKL led session, photographers Antoine Loncle, Edmond Leong, and Nadia J. Mahfix walk us through their photobooks.

A Book Reading with Zarina Holmes: After the Rain
5 - 6pm
London-based photographer and author Zarina Holmes is holding an online book reading of her meditative photo magazine 'After the Rain'. Join us in-store for a special evening projection or online at home!

10.09 Saturday
Eiffel Chong: Behind ‘Institutionalised Care’
2.30 - 3.30pm
In 'Institutionalised Care', award-winning photographer and educator, Eiffel Chong explores the 'signs of death' in medical centres in Malaysia. Gain insight behind Eiffel's project and photobook, and learn more about his process in this talk.

The Zontiga Photobook Grant
4 - 5pm
Join the Zontiga Photobook Grant judges as they share more about the initiative! The awardee of the Photobook Grant – Zarif Ismail – will also introduce and speak about his upcoming book.

18.09 Sunday
Steven Lee: On Photography and the Relevance of Photobooks
2 - 3pm
What is the relevance of the photobook in today's digital age? Steven Lee – founder-director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards and co-founder of EXPOSURE+ PHOTO – shares its significance.

Artist Sharing Session 2
3.30 - 5.30pm
In this last PBKL led session, photographers Alvin Lau, Kelvin Mah, N. Munirah Rohaizan, Fitri Jalil, Jane Lee, and Perspectiva Collective walk us through their photobooks.

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