'Serani, Part I' by Antoine Loncle (11/11/2022 - 28/11/2022)

Antoine Loncle exhibition 'Serani, Part I' @Zontiga Taman Paramount

11 Nov - 28 Nov 2022

'Serani, Part I' is an exhibition by Antoine Loncle, one of the awardees of Zontiga's Photo Project Grant Award in 2021.

In this series, Antoine explores the definition of Serani identity, traditionally defined as an ethnicity for those who are the result of intermarriages between the Portugese and local Malaysians in the 16th century. Through interviews, historical research and photographic documentation, Antoine aims to produce his personal informed view that not only seeks to catalogue, but to also question the definitions that exist of the Serani identity.

'Serani, Part I' serves as an introduction of the work to the community, as well as an opportunity for those to support the project. 'Serani' is an ongoing long-term project which will conclude as a large-scale exhibition and photobook in 2023.


Exhibition is free to enter. For events, kindly RSVP in the link below:


12 Nov, Saturday
Exhibition Launch
Attend the event opening with the artist, Antoine Loncle.

13 Nov, Sunday
Antoine Loncle's Artist Sharing Session
Join Antoine in learning about his ongoing long-term project, the Serani, Part 1, defined as a unique result of intermarriages between the Portuguese and the local people in the 16th Century.

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