The Malaysian Photobook Archive (MPA) is an online record of photobooks from across the country. Initiated in early-2022 by Photobookclub KL (photobook appreciation group) and Zontiga (film lab, photobook store, and exhibition space), the titles in this living document were compiled through photobook submissions to the MPA for documentation purposes.

The MPA aims to be an invaluable resource in exploring Malaysian photography—past and present—whilst shedding light on the country’s rich photographic heritage. Through this archive, Zontiga hopes to increase awareness and appreciation of the works of Malaysian photographers, and encourage the development of the photobook culture in Malaysia.

If you would like to submit an entry into the Malaysian Photobook Archive (MPA) or have any suggestions/comments regarding its content, please contact:

The MPA only holds the physical titles of some of the books listed in this document.

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