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  • 'The Malay' by Fitri Jalil (03/12/2021 - 28/12/2021)

    'The Malay' by Fitri Jalil (03/12/2021 - 28/12/2021)

    The Malay is a recent project by Fitri Jalil. This body of work comprises a series of photographs of people from the Malay community, accompanied with narratives that explore the artist’s interpretation of his Malay identity with the help of various people that he documented. The Malay sheds light on the topics of racial identity, how it has evolved through time and man’s interpretation, and hopes to...
  • '44' by Fauzan Fuad.  (22/08/2020 - 28/09/2020)

    '44' by Fauzan Fuad. (22/08/2020 - 28/09/2020)

    Fauzan Fuad debut exibition '44' @Zontiga 22 Aug - 28 Sep 2020. '44' is a series that addresses the artist's questions of life, love, and hate, spiritually, and Humanity. Borne out of major life changes following marriage and cohabitation with his wife and in-laws, these photographs tell a domestic journey of restructuring internal narratives, converged over countless hours of dialogues with father in law Kamari...

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