'The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud' by Joy Chan (07/01/22 - 24/01/22)

Joy Chan exhibition 'The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud' @Zontiga Taman Paramount
7 Jan - 24 Jan 2022

The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud is an art exhibition by Joy Chan. This installation captures the abandoned first reservoir and the main rivers that wind through the city, documenting water resources in the city with hand-processed film.

Through this exhibition, Joy sheds light on the history of Kuala Lumpur and hopes to bring awareness on the water disruption crisis that is constantly recurring. The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud urges viewers to think about resources, infrastructure, social process, as well as the failing system.

In this exhibition, Zontiga will be releasing limited sets of postcards in collaboration with Joy. The profits will be donated in support of rehabilitating and conserving the environment with the community.

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