'The Malay' by Fitri Jalil (03/12/2021 - 28/12/2021)

Fitri Jalil exhibition 'The Malay' @Zontiga Taman Paramount
3 Dec - 28 Dec 2021

The Malay is a recent project by Fitri Jalil. This body of work comprises a series of photographs of people from the Malay community, accompanied with narratives that explore the artist’s interpretation of his Malay identity with the help of various people that he documented. The Malay sheds light on the topics of racial identity, how it has evolved through time and man’s interpretation, and hopes to provide a deeper understanding and awareness of each unique identity stories. 

In this exhibition, Fitri will be releasing his signed special edition photo book that is hand-sewn and with designs that celebrate the traditional Malay living.

Standard edition photo book from Fitri Jalil's exhibition 'The Malay' available here.


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