Tiga Mata Zine — Issue 1: Vivacious (Noi Chin)

Language: English
Format: Zine
Dimensions: 148 x 210mm | 200g


Tiga Mata is a bi-annual Southeast Asian photography zine published by Zontiga, a creative hub for photography enthusiasts located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Aimed at inspiring the community within the region and creating visibility for photo-related artists, Tiga Mata hopes to showcase different perspectives and embrace the diverse way we see the world.

In Issue #1—curated by Guest Editor Noi Chin—we explore the theme 'Vivacious'. 

It's a word that embodies energy, enthusiasm, and a zest for lif; whilst at the same time, reminds us that life and vigour also exist in still life and nature, and something seemingly mundane can bring one both peace and excitement.

Through an open call launched in late-2023, we asked photographers what 'vivacious' meant to them.

The photographers for Issue #1 are: 

Asyraf Bakti
Darren Lai
Haziq Farhan
Ian Hananto
Jay Chong

Jerfareza Daviano
Leong Wong Seng
Mega Caesaria
Meidiana Tahir

Minh-An Pham
Moses Tzj
Shafwan Zaidon
Steven Lee

Syarifudin Asyraf
Tony Lee
Victor Tan KH
Yuji Haikal


Tiga Mata Zine — Issue 1: Vivacious (Noi Chin)