why你去beach吾玩水嘅 : The Hong Kong Shek O Beach 2017-2013

Language: Chinese
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 96 pages | 950g
Book Size: 305 x 215 x 20mm


香港攝影愛好者周生自2018年共有8本自資出版,包括《旅行》、《宜家動物關注祖》、《醫學研究報告2019》和《日系相片1.15章「新到日本旅遊的,請不是去原宿,因為太多野買了。」》和2020年由日本東京六本木Zen foto gallery 出版 《No Teacher But I Can Take Photos》......2024自資出版新攝影集《why你去beach吾玩水嘅》。

2017年和一班朋友去日本烏取和廣島旅行期間,朋友問我有乜嘢香港地方想影?我就話每逢夏天,由細幾歲玩到廿零歲的香港石澳海灘。 咁我印象中呢佢之後就問我咁個書名叫乜嘢?咁我好快手就話:「why你去bitch玩水」……. 之後到2020年就開始在石澳海灘拍攝呢輯相 😀


Hong Kong photography enthusiast Chow San has self-published 8 books since 2018, including 'Travel', 'IKEA Animals Pay Attention to Ancestors', 'Medical Research Report 2019' and 'Japanese Photos Chapter 1.15: New to Japan, please do not go Harajuku, because there are too many wild things to buy.' His photobook 'No Teacher But I Can Take Photos' was published by Zen Foto Gallery in 2020.

In 2024, Chow San released 'Why You Go to the Beach I Play'. The idea for the book was conceived during his trip to Utori and Hiroshima, Japan, in 2017 with friends. When his friends asked what places in Hong Kong he wanted to shoot, he replied that every summer since he was young (until the age of 20) he would play at Shek O Beach in Hong Kong. His friend then asked what the name of the book would be, and he quickly replied, "Why did you go to bitch to play in the water?"

In 2020, Chow San started shooting at Shek O Beach 😀



why你去beach吾玩水嘅 : The Hong Kong Shek O Beach 2017-2013
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