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We Love Hong Kong

Language: English

Format: Softcover | 112 pages
Dimensions: 284 × 210mm | 660g


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Everyday life within extraordinary circumstances – Eric’s portrait of the Hong Kong demonstrations.

Hong Kong-born photographer Eric has been photographing the Hong Kong protests since early Summer 2019. Having lived in Japan for 22 years, Eric and his photography often explore themes of belonging, identity, home and politics. “Since Hong Kong gave me my life, I felt a strong urge to witness everything with my own eyes and feel everything with my skin,” he writes in his afterword.

Eric’s photographs – taken in and around the demonstrations – show the youth of Hong Kong as well as the older generations; they oscillate between violent conflict and everyday scenes, they were shot in the middle of the action, with tear gas canisters flying and protesters clashing with the police, and also take the time for posed portraits of the demonstrators in their gear.

“I am proud to be born in Hong Kong. If I was to be born again I want to be a Hong Konger, together with all these wonderful people who continue to fight for themselves.” ― Eric


We Love Hong Kong
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