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Walking with...

Book Size: 60 x 60 x 12mm
Pages: 160 pages
Binding: Softcover


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A BOOK FOR ___》《WALKING WITH ___ 》 迷你攝影集 by 柏麟Bolin @bolin_517 2012年初,智慧型手機開始進入生活裡,對於⻑期拍攝底片的Bolin,隨時方便地拍照並能在社群分享,這件事既新鮮又驚奇。拍照真正成為紀錄生活的方式,也開始思考影像能輕易地大量製造,但對於觀者的注意力卻像流星般一閃而過,影像如同拋棄式的消耗品,身為創造影像者的自己,在人人皆可拍攝的時代,尋找自我認同與價值。 於是三年前,2016年,Bolin開啟迷你攝影集計畫,將過去曾經用手機拍攝過的大量影像,經由編輯後,主題式地做成紙本刊物,紙張重現手機上觀看的尺寸,探索數位影像與老派紙本的閱讀關係。 但其實,所有影像都可以在Bolin的社群上找到,printscreen自己社群媒體裡的照片,而不是使用原始檔案來製作,這個過程更符合數位時代的可複製性。 Bolin想傳達的是,即使影像看似沒有任何商業上的實質價值,任何人都能夠自由抓取的狀況下,如同唐吉軻德般,用著愚蠢又帶有點浪漫的方式,做著自己心中仍然有價值的事。 *封面手工絹印,共有六種封面可選 20203月出版/平裝/ 160 頁/ 6 x 6 x1.2mm/內頁單色印刷 ____ 關 於 作 者 ____ 羅柏麟,人像攝影師。生於80年代中期,接觸影像經歷底片邁向數位化搖擺動盪的時代。從事攝影工作邁入第十年,擅⻑人物與時裝攝影,作品散見於品牌、廣告與雜誌。從事商業攝影之餘,仍持續進行紀實影像的拍攝,生活之中專注於獨立刊物的出版創作。


《A BOOK FOR ___》《WALKING WITH ___ 》 Mini photo collection by Bolin

In early 2012, smartphones started to come into life, and it was fresh and amazing to take photos and share in the community for Bolin, who was shooting negative in the late season.

Taking pictures really became the way to record life, and starting to think that images can be easily mass-produced, but attention to the viewer flashes like a meteor, images like discarded consumables, self-identity and value as the creator of the image, in an age when everyone can take pictures.

So three years ago, in 2016, Bolin launched a mini photo collection project, editing a large number of images previously taken with mobile phones, themed into paper publications, replicating the size of the phone, exploring the relationship between digital images and old-school paper reading.

But in fact, all images can be found on Bolin's community, printscreen's own social media, rather than using original files, a process that is more in line with replicability in the digital age.

Bolin wants to convey that even if the images seem to have no commercial material value, anyone can freely grab it, in a silly and somewhat romantic way, do what still has value in their heart, like Don Quixote.

*Cover hand stamped with six covers available March 2020 publication / paperback / 160 pages / 6 x 6 x 12mm / inner page monochrome printing

Walking with...
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