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Language: English, Japanese

Format: Softcover | 98 pages
Dimensions: 250 × 200 mm | g


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At first it may appear that the streets of Tokyo, that grey urban jungle, may be a unique home to nature. Yet nature is present in Tokyo in almost every corner – in quite unique ways.

It is not found in the parks (Tokyo only offers 5 sqm of park for each citizen, compared to New York’s 25sqm).

In Tokyo, nature is introduced by the citizens themselves, in small and large pots placed in front of buildings, in walkways, alleys, balconies, forming a rhythmic composition of asphalt and green.

Japanese photographer Yasuyuki Takagi has captured these scenes while walking through various residential areas of Tokyo.

His book “Ueki”, originally published by French Publisher iKi Editions in 2015, quickly sold out and will now be made available again in the form of a publication by Japanese publisher Libro Arte.

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