Triple-Flavoured Fish

Language: English
Format: Hardback | 62 pages
Dimensions: 297 x 307 x 12mm | 810g


“We want people to be able to see us from afar.” Ironic, given the fact that most of them the owners and workers want to stay invisible.

This photobook is a tribute to Tom Yam restaurants, known locally as ‘kedai Tom Yam’, which have been a part of the Malaysian landscape for decades, serving delicious food for the locals while at the same time a place of refuge for people fleeing from violence.

Photographs by: Badrul Hisham Ismail & Khalil Makata
Photo editor: Hasnoor Hussain
Designer: Amanda Gayle
Publisher: Pelita Tenggara
Supported by: IMAN Research

Triple-Flavoured Fish
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