Through Positive Eyes

Language: English

Format: Hardback | 196 pages
Dimensions 273 x 203 x 23mm | 1010g


Through Positive Eyes is a collaborative photo-storytelling project by 130 people living with HIV and AIDS around the world.

All have participated in workshops led by South African photographer Gideon Mendel, with photo educator Crispin Hughes, and David Gere, director of the Art & Global Health Center at the University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA).

The project chronicles a very particular moment in the epidemic, when effective treatment is available to some, not all, and when the enduring stigma associated with HIV and AIDS has become entrenched, a major roadblock to both prevention and treatment. The participants in the project have volunteered to tell their stories, in words and in photographs, empowering themselves in order to banish stigma.

Through Positive Eyes
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