Language: English
Format: Soft cover | 384 pages
Dimensions: 115 x 155mm | 315g


‘Spark’ is a collection of street photographs produced by the freelance photographer Lau Kwan Yin from 2016 onwards. It records the extraordinary moments he experienced a visual shock through photography in everyday life.

A photographer switches between poses as he attempts to light a ‘spark’ in his vision and captures it. The lines of the subject then appear amongst black and white particles, the details impact mutually on a piece of photography paper. I have always been allured by the chemistry.

Walter Benjamin, the eminent cultural critic, explained the concept of aura in his critique essay ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’. He stated,

What, then, is the aura? A strange tissue of space and time: the unique apparition of a distance, however near it may be.

I believe the aura of artwork bears a close resemblance to a spark. They both flash and go out in the twinkling of an eye. Through photography, I seek the same indescribable and fleeting connection between the surroundings and me.

Shutter released, traces of the subject freeze-framed. At the very moment, the aura has taken shape and revealed itself to us.

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