Outside Looking In Kuala Lumpur

Language: English

Format: Soft Cover
Size: 240 x 295 x 15mm
Pages: 167


"I strongly believe that images can say more than words, and in Outside Looking In - Kuala Lumpur, I am attempting to highlight the speed of progress that is taking place I my home city, and perhaps take time to examine our past and how we came to be where we (Malaysians) are today by looking at the initial melting pot of cultures, faiths and peoples, that uniquely make up the Malaysia of today.

'KL' today is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia, and I dare say, the world. We have the tallest buildings in the world, in the name of the Petronas Twin Towers and we also have the best Formula One track in the world. We must be proud of our nations achievements, but socially, we are becoming homogeneous. Modern living needs are upon us, the internet and the mobile phone has taken over our lives. We need to reflect on the past and examine our future. We tend to overlook simple details in our daily lives, our friends, our social environment and our buildings.

I hope that the reader would find my images thought-provoking and nostalgic, especially for overseas Malaysians and visitors who have been to Kuala Lumpur or are planning a trip there."

Released in 2000,‘Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur’, is a black & white photo-documentary book of A4 size, with a collection of photographs of central Kuala Lumpur, capturing the daily lives and activities of the residents there, as well as documenting the rapid growth and development of the city landscape from a human perspective.

This body of work has been awarded the Asian Prize 2007 by the selection panel for the General Photography Festival at Photo City Sagamihara, Japan.

Outside Looking In Kuala Lumpur
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