Night Flight

Language: English, Japanese

Format: Softcover | 80 pages
Dimensions: 420 × 297 ㎜ | 650g


"What am I doing? I find myself naked, sprawled out on the bed in soft darkness. The light from the lamp shines as if it were floating through the air.

The silk sheets feel good wrapped around my skin. Sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed is a woman holding a small camera. Who could she be? Beyond the camera I see white skin. Black clothes. The sensual sound of a woman's voice. What could she be saying to me, here in my nudity? The sound of a shutter clicking. Again she says something. Gentle sounds impress me with their elegance. Theya re near, yet sound as if they come from so far away. I wonder what she's saying. The voice that speaks is more sound. Or rather, like soothing music. And yet so vague. Somthing dimly falls over my eyes. It's as if a film as thin as the wings of a dragonfly has been drawn between her adn I. And yet it is as strong as spider silk. How can this film be so strong? I don't know. The film juse can't be weak. Or so I think. Again, the sound of a sutter clicking. The veil quivers slightly. I gaze vacantly at my arm in front of me. The woman's tone fades in the distance. The film unfailingly cuts away the light, sometimes blurring into it. I am taken to a world of chaotic darkness. And once again I return to the world of light. But for an instant, I am lost between them."

Excerpt from Tatsushi Omori's essay titled 'Light in the Chaos', published in Night Flight (2008).

All text available in both Japanese and English.

Night Flight
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