Mysterious Skin

Language: English

Format Hardcover | 104 pages
Dimension: 170 x 240mm | 180g


Lin Zhipeng is among the leading artists of the so-called generation of the eighties.

Taking his name from a police character in Wong Kar-Wai's movie Chungking Express, his work first gained notoriety through social media, online platforms and self-published zines.

His diary-like booklets and photographs represent an emerging group in Chinese society that seeks to explore new boundaries in their lives.Through Lin Zhipeng's depictions of figures and nature mortes in flashy colours, flowers, interiors and nudes in soft colours, we see a new generation experimenting with novel pleasures unfamiliar to the conventional middle class world.

The images are in an atmosphere of love, playfulness, erotism and joy. His work is closely associated with the works of Guy Bourdin and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Mysterious Skin
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