Language: English, Japanese

Format: Softcover | 80 pages
Dimensions: 420 × 297 ㎜ | 500g


Sakiko Nomura’s photobook “Moonlight” captivates its readers with large format (420 × 297 ㎜) and its sensuous, intimate photographs.

The fifth collaboration between Nomura and Japanese publisher LibroArte consists of photographs taken during a visit to Taiwan in October 2016.

Nomura visited Taiwan many times before, but this is the first time she photographed a series in the island nation.

To achieve her signature sense of intimacy and emotion in the images, Nomura asked her models for 1-on-1 sessions in the privacy of their own homes. The results are bittersweet, erotic images, created through master use of the interplay between shadow and light.

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