Not all sex workers want to serve people with disabilities and people with special needs.

However, this does not apply to Lisette, a professional sex worker from Breda. Men have come to the wrong place for a paid quickie. Lisette wants them to experience moments of intimate friendship.

The contact with her customers is all about intimacy in all its manifestations, such as a good conversation, sharing emotions, a touch, eating together, going out, having fun.

It's like they're dating for a short time. Often there is also sex involved, but sometimes not. Not all of her customers need that. It's going the way it is.

This project was photographed during Summer 2022 in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Tilburg as part of the Erasmus Huis Fellowship. Some of the photos won the Award of Excellence for the Daily Life Picture of The Year (PoYI) category, were published in the Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant, and exhibit in Photoville, New York 2023.

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