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Language: Japanese, English

Book Size: 243 × 188 mm
Pages: 80 pages
Binding: Hardcover


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The photographs in “Lighthouse,” Kazuhei Kimura’s fourth photobook, are of images and emotions which floated into view before his mental eye while listening to drone and noise music, about the changes that bodies go through or the relationship between sound and conscience.

Kimura stripped these feelings and notions of all color and expressed them as pure light within his photographs, in “exquisite sights that float up in the everyday mine.”

“It’s not like a high-speed slideshow.
And the word ‘evolving lantern’ doesn’t do it justice either.
Put metaphorically, it’s like the beams of the lighthouse that refract on the sea near my hometown.
It feels like this mass of images wrapped in light slowly approaches me, drawing an arc.
I’m searching for a lighthouse.”

− from Kazuhei Kimura’s afterword

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