Joy Chan 'The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud' Postcard Set

Language: English

Format: Postcard Set | 12 Postcards
Dimensions: 101.6 x 152.4 | 60g


This postcard set was made and released in conjunction with Joy Chan's exhibition 'The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud' at Zontiga (7 - 24 Jan 2022).

Printed on recycled paper, Joy Chan's postcard set has a limited run of 50 copies and contains 12 unique 4 x 6" postcards. All proceeds from these sales will be donated to charities and organisations focused on conserving and rehabilitating the environment.


What does decaying smell like? 

Kuala Lumpur, was nothing but a “muddy confluence” at the very first place, until mining  industry turned it into a prospering capital city. For years, water disruption has been a crucial  crisis to the residents. As we’ve been gazing at the tip of skyscrapers, we disregard how the  city was built, and on what it was built. The city is sinking. 

Beginning with the abandoned first reservoir built to supply drinking water to KL (Ampang  Impounding Reservoir), the installation captures main rivers that wind through the city (Klang  River, Gombak River, Kerayong River, Kuyoh River), documenting water resources in the city  with hand-processed film. Soaked in collected river water and buried in earth, erosion appears  on film and tells the story itself. 


Joy Chan, a visual artist working among documentary, video art and installation. Born in  Malaysia and moved overseas, she is currently studying her MFA in Film/Video at California  Institute of the Arts. Drawing from her background of studying anthropology, she dives into  sociological observation and participatory events to reflects on the contested past, the  turbulent present, and the unpredictable future within different society. Her works have shown  at international festivals and galleries including LA Indie Short Fest, MOMA Beijing, Guangzhou  International Documentary Film Festival, etc. 

Joy Chan 'The Outfall: A Wasteland of Mud' Postcard Set
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