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Hide in Plain Sight

Language: English
Format: Softcover | 216 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 28mm | 800g


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A collection of 100 concrete tips that will make you a better travel photographer without buying any new gear.

Whether you’re traveling around the world or just around the block, photographer Jens Lennartsson’s approach to photography will help you create better images. Connect with your surroundings, reconsider composition, improve your intuition and don’t rely on technology.

Follow him on a journey around the world with images that capture the humanity and local character of every place he visits. Along the way you’ll improve your own photography skills with a selection of 100 tips designed to enhance a new perspective on people and places around you. You don’t need a better camera, more equipment or expensive software.

Hide in Plain Sight is all about sharing knowledge and inspiring others photographers, their subjects and those viewing the end result. Filled with entertaining anecdotes and (mis)adventures, Jens engaging photographs are accompanied by tips that come directly from his personal experience. He is also taking a minimalist approach to getting the best shots. You’ll learn to open your eyes, observe, anticipate and work with what you’ve got. It is about going back to basics. Jens returns to a time before technology took over the photography world.

Hide in Plain Sight
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