Havana Noir

Language: English

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 290 x 210 mm | 215g


A few years ago, I passed Cuban nights through Havana’s streets, and they were always accompanied by a sense of cheerfulness.

Today, joy and smiles are changed in sense of resignation and disappoint due to the situation of total social disease that has been created with the economic collapse after Covid. For example: two years ago, a doctor or a professor earned about 130-150 euro per month, nowadays, because the inflation, their salary became 30-40 euro per month. So, walking around in the cities at twilight, I meet shadows and ghosts instead of exuberance which I met past years. As a writer searching ideas for to write, I looked for tracking a presence in those shadows, a map of existence without pre-established filters.

– Pino Ninfa

Havana Noir
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