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analog magazine # 8

Language: English

16.5 x 20 cm | 118 pages
Publish year: 2019
Offset Print | 135 g/m2 MultiArt Silk Paper
Print run: 400 copies | manually numbered


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analog magazine is a Swiss based curated publication for contemporary analogue photography and creative writing.

Focus on works with a poetic narrative, where simple expressionism, minimalism and careful attention to composition are the main drives.  Showcases artists and authors who add layers of meaning to their oeuvres without too many frills.

Analog magazine aim is to promote the work of talented people as well as to act as a source of inspiration for other creative minds.

analog magazine Issue #8 is a collectable coffee-table book exploring outstanding works in contemporary analogue photography.

This number of analog magazine brings you seven great photographic series and a gripping short-fiction story.

We start by the hand of Alexandra Serrano from France-Mexico with “Si haute soit la montagne, on y trouve un sentier”, a poetic encounter with the Pyrenean border between France and Spain. Laurenz Berges from Germany presents “Frühauf - Danach”, a riddling series that highlights the passing of time and its unstoppable effects. Alfredo Cristinziano from Canada introduces a portfolio of female portraiture that depicts authentic transparent emotions. Jill Beth Hannes from the US brings us “Strange Women”, a personal project that reflects on feelings such as isolation, confusion and anger. From Russia, Mikhail Bushkov presents “Zürich”, where he shows his hometown from the point of view of an outsider, but being an insider. Next is “Ricordare Rivapiana”, a work by Thomas Krepmke from Switzerland, which combining captions from cult Italian films and his own images, recreates memory and longing for the past. Finally, Ragnar Axelsson from Island offers “Faces of the North”, a piece that expresses both, the beauty and difficulties in the Arctic life.

To complement this number, we feature “Mule Brigade”, a fascinating short-fiction story by Kenan Orhan located in the Kurdistan.

Do not miss the opportunity to collect your copy of this limited edition and hand-numbered book.

analog magazine # 8
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