ALL L/Right

Language: English, Japanese

Format: Hardcover | 136 pages
Dimensions: 274 × 225㎜ | 875g


ALL L/Right

I wake up to find our world in a whirlpool.
Sad news after sad news.
It’s so easy to get trapped in the gloom.

Why am I here in this world?
Why do we try to live?
Natural instinct?
Maybe it is.

But life’s a bit too long for just that.
Asking myself those ordinary yet universal questions, over and over again, I began to travel.
Far, far away. In an unknown land, whose words I don’t understand,
I lurk in the alleys, try to lose myself.
And I click my shutter, like an insect attracted to light, enchanted, wandered.

I found in those photos, the light that embraces our world.
And the momentary fragile world of ours, living under that light.
Right now, somewhere in this world, a morning has come, the start of a new day under the sun.
Right now, somewhere in this world, a loving, beautiful moment is born.

I treasured those loving, momentary world made by light.
I began to collect them.
Where ever I go, whenever I go, those loving moments were still there.
And when I gaze at those treasures, collected under so many different lights, I could feel - “All right”.

ALL L/Right
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