The photobook is a way to present one body of work that encourages photography as a form of physical art. The purpose of this grant is to encourage the art of publishing and photobook making, by offering artists funding to complete the production of their photobook and to give artists a platform to present and sell their works.

Zarif Ismail for the book Rekah Fajar


Zarif Ismail (@hmmdzarif) is a self-taught photographer born in Perak, Malaysia. His works reveal a variety of themes, from the silence of suburban areas to space and personal objectivity, as a response to current issues. He sees the need to document everything that he goes through in life and believes that all things are important.

This series is a compilation of photos from the beginning of Zarif’s photographic journey to this day, a personal adventure from childhood to adulthood to retain past memories and record the moments that comes ahead. The photos in this book portrays a diversity of objects lying around, as if a mundane everyday scene; but in reality, these photos are composed with the influence of his feelings on current issues, politics, or a painting. The book presents the sweetness of still photos and landscape photos.

Rekah Fajar was published in September 2023.

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