It’s a wrap for Zontiga’s first season of workshops!

We would like to say a special thank you to all our teachers and participants for spending their time with us and joining us on our journey.

In Season 1, we ran seven different workshops over the weekends: 

  • Pinhole and the Simple Camera
  • Camera Maintenance
  • B&W Film Processing
  • Contact Printing
  • 101 Photobook Publishing
  • The Cyanotype Process (Sun Prints)
  • Kanta Box Camera: Instant Portaits w/ Kanta Box Kamra

And concluded the season with our first After Hours session, where we learnt more about the giclée printing process and printed some of our best works.









Season 2

We hope you had a great time and will continue your journey with us in Season 2, check it out here.

We are also on the hunt for more teachers to join us! If you have a skill to share, do get in touch with us and/or fill out our Zontiga Workshop Teachers Open Call Form.

See you in Season 2! :)

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