B&W Darkroom Print Making

Teacher: Lau WH
Level: All Levels
Duration:  3 hours


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B&W Darkroom Print Making Workshop

Once we have our contact prints, we can start the actual B&W printing process!

In our B&W Print Making workshop, we will first go through how to analyse and select which images to print while referencing our contact prints and negatives, before proceeding to the darkroom.

This workshop cover:

  • Type of darkroom paper
  • Working with darkroom equipment (enlargers, easels, chemicals)
  • How to 'read' and select which negatives to print
  • Making test strips
  • Selecting darkroom contrast filters
  • Simple darkroom editing techniques
  • Printing! :)

Each participant will print and take home one RC print.


  • You are recommended to take the B&W Film Processing and B&W Contact Print Making workshop prior to taking this class.
  • You will also need a set of B&W negatives (135 or 120) which you will select an image to print from.

B&W Darkroom Print Making
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