The Critical Lens w/ Steven Lee (Online)

Teacher: Steven Lee
Level: All levels
Duration: 22 & 29 July, 2022; 7pm - 9pm (UTC+8)


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The Critical Lens with Steven Lee (Online)

DATES : 22 & 29 July, 2022

TIME: 7pm - 9pm (Malaysia Time UTC+8)

PRICE: RM250 (Malaysia-based participants only) / USD100 (International)
International participants, please email to book a spot!


The camera can be an effective tool to help photographers develop critical thinking and hence foster a greater depth and meaning in the images we make. When we consciously survey a scene, compose and frame a picture, notice details and select focus, before we press the shutter release, we are already processing information.

How we process these visuals using context, analysis and our past experiences can aid us to make images that go beyond the literal, and achieve a new level of clarity as creatives.

This 2-part workshop requires the participant to make images in their own time, and prepare brief statements of descriptions to allow frank discussions and analyses with the group.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for any photographer seeking to expand their observational and awareness skills using the camera as a tool, and to avoid oversimplification of their work, especially suited to newcomers and young photographers starting long term photo projects.

What is expected?

An open and inquisitive mind. You are expected to be able to share your thoughts and join in open discussions within the group. No technical knowledge of photography is required.

Participants will be able to broaden their visual perspectives and gain greater clarity in what and how they see, and to understand the effectiveness of the camera as a visual tool and its response to the world around them. 

Instructor’s Comment

Come and join me as we explore in detail how we can look at photographs and see beyond the image and perhaps delve deeper into the understanding and interpreting the messages intended by the artists. In the first session, we will explore iconic photographs and analyse them through discussions, and in the follow-up session, you will make simplistic images based on themes and have the opportunity to share and discuss amongst the group. I hope this workshop will open your eyes to look at photographs in new and exciting ways and prepare you for project based work.

About Steven Lee

Steven is the founder-director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, co-founder of KL20x20 and EXPOSURE+ PHOTO. He has been a portfolio reviewer in several international photo festivals and ran workshops in portraiture, and personal development aspects in photography. He is also a nominator for the 6X6 Global Talent for World Press Photography and Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

The Critical Lens w/ Steven Lee (Online)
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