Street Photography: Theory & Practice

Teacher: Amirul Johari & Edmond Leong
Level: All levels
Duration: 2, 4, 5, 10 Feb, 2023


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Street Photography: Theory & Practice

Who is this for?

Led by Amirul Johari and Edmond Leong, this workshop is for anyone who wants to know more about the theory and practice of street photography whilst photographing festivals. 

This workshop consists of three (3) parts: one theory session (2 February, Thursday), two photowalk sessions (4 & 5 February, Saturday & Sunday), and one review session (10 February, Friday)

2 February, Thursday (8–11 PM)

Theory Class at Zontiga

Creating Complex Candid Images at Festivals
Edmond Leong shares tips and techniques for image layering, how to find a main subject, overcoming your fear on getting close to your subject, and how to use elements from the scene to your advantage.

The Different Point of Views of Thaipusam
Amirul Johari explores ways of embracing the elements of street while shooting cultural festivals, how to adapt your camera to different situations, and how to approach people while maintaining the spontaneous scene. 

4th February, Saturday (7-10 AM)
Shoot Thaipusam with the Guidance of a Mentor
6:45AM – Meet at Batu Caves KTM Station
7–7:15AM – Walk to location and start shooting the festival!
10AM – Photowalk ends

5th February, Sunday (7-10 AM)
Shoot Thaipusam on your own! Or Guided with Mentor
6:45AM – Meet at Batu Caves KTM Station
7–7:15AM - Walk to location and start shooting the festival!
10AM – Photowalk ends

10th February, Friday (Time TBC)
Online Photo Review of Participant's Selected Photos.

13 February, Monday
Winner announcement!
Two (2) Best Photo Winners will receive a copy of Matt Stuart's 'Think Like a Street Photographer' Book!

* The workshop price is for all three parts.
* The theory class is a prerequisite for the photowalks as Amirul and Edmond will explain their techniques in detail.
* Digital cameras preferred for faster feedback.
* Stand the chance to win a copy of Matt Stuart's 'Think Like a Street Photographer'!
* Participants will be asked to send in their photographs for written feedback.

About Amirul Johari
A passionate-hobbyist photographer, keen to capture the overlooked facets of the street, public space, and cultural events.

He shoot on a weekly-weekend basis - with different medium of photography.

About Edmond Leong
Edmond Leong is an award winning street photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, specialising in a specific style of street photography in which he makes use of the composition technique called layering.

Armed with a handheld flash, the streets he will take.

Street Photography: Theory & Practice
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