Pinhole and the Simple Camera

Teacher: Jeffrey Lim
Level: Suitable for all levels
Duration: 3.5 hours


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Start with the basics of photography: using your self-built pinhole camera (or Kodak Box Brownie cameras provided) to make exposures and print the results.

This tutorial format class will cover the complexity on the physics of light and the simplicity of building a reusable pinhole camera out of found materials, calculating exposures and making prints.

  • Learn the beginnings of building your own box cameras.
  • Hands on, open to novice, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Each participant will keep their self-made pinhole camera, make and receive their exposed prints.
  • All tools, materials and apparatus will be provided.
  • Bring your own cleaned empty food cans too. Only of certain sizes, check in with the tutor.

Participants can repeat this workshop to advance technically, building more advanced pinhole cameras (or using modified Kodak Box Brownie provided) and learning advanced methods.

A basic understanding of achieving focus, exposure with aperture, shutter speed & iso and being handy with basic building tools are an advantage. Taking a light meter reading via a phone app.


    Pinhole and the Simple Camera
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