Build a Pinhole Camera

Teacher: Jeffrey Lim
Level: Suitable for all levels
Duration: 4 hours


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Build a Pinhole Camera

Build your own pinhole camera and experience the simplest form of photography!

Learn the fundamentals of photography and the math behind the physics of light, using your own self-built pinhole camera to make exposures and print the results.

This tutorial format class will cover the complexity of the physics of light and the simplicity of building a reusable pinhole camera out of found materials, calculating exposures and making prints.

What this workshop covers:

  • How light works in photography.
  • Formula between pinhole size and focal length.
  • Building your own pinhole camera.
  • Calculating exposure times.
  • Making your own prints from your paper negatives
  • Each participant will bring home their own self-made pinhole camera and prints.

What’s included:

  • All tools, materials and apparatus.

What to bring (optional):

  • Bring your own cleaned empty food cans (only of certain sizes, check in with the tutor).

Who can join?:

  • This workshop is open to everyone of all levels.
  • You can repeat the course if you want to advance technically and build more advanced pinhole cameras.


    Build a Pinhole Camera
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