Emotions & Stills - Exploratory still life photography w/ Nadirah Zakariya

Teacher: Nadirah Zakariya
Level: All levels
Duration: 21 & 27 August, 2022; 11am - 1pm (UTC+8)


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Emotions & Stills - Exploratory still life photography with Nadirah Zakariya

DATES : 21 (Sunday) & 27 (Saturday) August, 2022

TIME: 11am - 1pm

VENUE: Zontiga in Taman Paramount, PJ.



Suitable for all levels of photographers, this 2 x two-hour session workshop will stretch your creativity by experimenting with photographing in natural light, composition and mood combining nature, found objects and personal items to create a visually emotive story.

Take this opportunity to explore our immediate surroundings photographically.

This 2-part workshop requires the participant to make images in their own time, and prepare brief statements of descriptions to allow frank discussions and analyses with the group.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for any photographer seeking to expand their observational and awareness skills using the camera as a tool and to avoid oversimplification of their work, especially suited to newcomers and young photographers who are interested in starting long-term photo projects and those who would like to step outside their comfort zone to try something new.

What is expected?

An open and inquisitive mind. You are expected to be able to share your thoughts and join in open discussions within the group. No technical knowledge of photography is required, works may be created using cameras or mobile phones.

Participants will be able to broaden their visual perspectives, and gain greater clarity in what and how they see and understand the camera's effectiveness as a visual tool and its response to the world around them. 

Instructor’s Comment 

I look forward to sharing my processes in creating visual stories and also the works of contemporary photographers with you. Together, we will explore ways to step outside your comfort zone and find new inspirations in your immediate surroundings. I will share ways in which photography can be a powerful tool of self-expression.

About Nadirah Zakariya

Nadirah is a Malaysia-based photographer who specialises in creative portraiture and commissioned projects. She has led many workshops and presentations in recent years, and exhibited internationally. Nadirah is the co-founder of KL20x20, EXPOSURE+ PHOTO and Layar Lucida, a women lead creative studio that focuses on film, commercials and music video projects. She is also a 2020 Generation T Asia honoree. She is currently in Flora Photographica, a book published by Thames & Hudson. 


Emotions & Stills - Exploratory still life photography w/ Nadirah Zakariya
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