Editing and Sequencing Photographs By Zhuang Wubin (16 - 17 December '23)

Teacher:  Zhuang Wubin
Duration: 2 consecutive days  (8 hours each day)

10am - 6pm



Editing and Sequencing Photographs by Zhuang Wubin

Are you interested in creating different narratives by selecting, sequencing and juxtaposing photographs? Curious about the logic of editing photographs for editorial spreads, exhibitions and photobooks? Do you want to learn the skills to edit and sequence photographs to tell stories and express yourself?

This two-day workshop is recommended for emerging and professional photographers/artists who have started (or completed) at least one body of work using the medium of photography.

Those without a body of work are also welcome to join as Wubin will prepare sample projects to work with. 

It is also suitable for anyone (photographers, collectors, editors, curators, writers etc) who does not have a body of work, but is interested in the different ways artists and photographers sequence photographs (and other elements, including text, drawings and design) to create a narrative or a photo project.

Anyone pursuing or interested in photojournalism, conceptual, street and/or documentary photography may find this workshop useful. 

Workshop module

Day One:

The workshop opens with an informal lecture, introducing the five-picture edit and how we can apply its logic for newspaper and editorial work.

We will then deconstruct the logic, so that we may develop new and unique ways to edit each participant’s work, according to her/his artistic statement and the intended way of presentation/delivery.

The subtle differences in terms of editing for editorial spread, photo book, online portfolio, slideshow presentation, and print exhibition will be highlighted throughout the day.

Day One + Two:

In a collaborative way, each participant will then work with me (Wubin) towards a rough edit of her/his work.

For participants without ongoing or completed work, sample projects will be prepared for them to try their hands.


Zhuang Wubin

ZHUANG Wubin (b. Singapore) is a writer, curator and artist. He writes about photography’s entanglements with modernity, colonialism, nationalism, “Chineseness” and the Cold War. As an artist, Zhuang uses photography and text to visualise the shifting experiences of living in the shadows of Chineseness across Southeast Asia.

Wubin's website:

Check out Wubin's workshop blog for further insight: 

Editing and Sequencing Photographs By Zhuang Wubin (16 - 17 December '23)
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