Ansel Adam's Zone System

Teacher: Mus Aziz
Level: All Levels
Duration:  4 hours


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What is Ansel Adam’s Zone System, and how do you replicate it for yourself?

This introduction course provides insight into what Ansel Adam’s Zone System is, and how to create your own system. This is a theory-based course for anyone interested in understanding Ansel Adam’s Zone System.

When we want to record an image—whether by taking a photo, or painting a picture— we always start with an idea. This idea may or may not have the final details, but we have this image in our minds: this is pre-visualisation.

To help with this pre-visualisation with regards to the subject of luminance, Ansel Adams came up with the idea of the 'Zone System'.

In this class, let's get a better understanding of the Zone System, and learn how it can help us capture 'good photographs', starting with the pre-visualisation stage right up to the final print.

Ansel Adam's Zone System
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