101 Photobook Publishing

Teacher: Jeffrey Lim
Level: All levels (see details below)
Duration: 4 hours


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Realise a simple self-published photobook (or zine) by understanding the intentions through creative processes, balanced with the feasibility of timeline, budgeting for production and marketing plan.

This workshop is split into two main parts, a discussion on objectifying the concepts, and a tutorial on materialising a mockup for publication.
Learn to explore concepts, art directions, preparing layout flow & artwork files, to working with designers & printers, and produce a handbound ‘blind’ mockup book. Hands on, open to novice, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Each participant will produce an online worksheet (and layout flow), and create a ‘blind’ mockup book at actual size (estimation of 80 pages/A5 to 48 pages/A4 size).
  • All mockup tools and materials will be provided.


  • Participants with an organised body of work(s) would benefit the most.
  • Signed up to a google account with products e.g. gmail, slides, docs, photos, drive.
  • Own laptop with wifi capabilities required.
  • Being handy with paper cutting and stitching. An empty notebook. 


Participants can apply for a full production course to fully realise a photobook, from conceptualising through to production. 6 work meetings over 3 months. 

Jeffrey Lim is a communication designer by training, specialising in print & book design. He has more than 10 years experience in visual identity and has recently curated an exhibition on Malaysian photobooks held in Taipei. Collecting over 120 books, mentoring four photobooks with a total of eleven produced photobooks, commissioned for the exhibition.


101 Photobook Publishing
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