Zontiga (Owned by The Next Level Sdn Bhd) Pricing

Film processing for C-41, B&W and E6 in 135, 120, 220 and 4x5 format 

Color C-41 process: RM 10/roll

E6 process: RM 45/roll

C41 and B&W process for 4x5 sheet film (up to 5 sheets): RM 30

E6 process for 4x5 sheet film  (up to 5 sheets): RM 65

B&W push/pull processing: 1-2 stops: +RM 4; 3 stops (Max): +RM 8

 *Turnaround time for Color C-41 is typically a day, B&W is 3-4 days. Push/Pull processing,  4x5 Sheet Film, E6 is approximately 1-2 weeks (no Priority processing).

Film scanning for Color negative, slides and B&W 

Uncut 135/120 roll or per 4x5 sheet: RM 8

220 roll or cut 135/120 roll: RM 10

we will provide a link to download the scan files (Recommended delivery mechanism)

Mounted Slide: RM 1/Slide

Proof Prints: +RM 10/roll for 120 film, +RM 22/roll for 135 and 220 film

6R Size Index Print:

+RM2 per roll

Photo printing : 4R, 6R, 8R and 8RW sizes.


RM 1 per copy (Below 10 copies)

RM 0.80 per copy (11-50 copies)

RM 0.60 per copy (51 copies & above)


RM 4 per copy


RM 8 per copy


RM 10 per copy

Mail in:

We accept mail in for processing.  Please post your film rolls to

(Owned by The Next Level Sdn Bhd)
#Suite 119, No. 54, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

For the negatives, if you want us to post it back to you the shipping and handling fees (via Poslaju) is RM8 for Peninsular malaysia and RM 12 for East Malaysia.

You may make Bank transfer or deposit your payment to "The Next Level Sdn Bhd" Maybank account.  Our Maybank account # is "514196658594" and send the notification email to "info@zontiga.com".