As a premier, Malaysia based photo-finishing lab, Zontiga aims to provide every photographer with good quality processing, scanning and printing services.
Established since 2004 (Formerly known as ColorDotCom Photo Lab), our lab specializes in the art of analogue film photography and strives to be a trusted partner to photographers and film enthusiasts in bringing their vision to life.
We pay very careful attention in handling each and every film roll and frame and take privacy seriously.
At Zontiga, we believe every frame counts! 

/Our Services Pricing (effective 1st April 2022)

Film Processing
Color C-41 process: RM12/roll
B&W process: RM25/roll
B&W process for 4x5 sheet film (up to 5 sheets): RM48
B&W push/pull processing: 1-2 stops: +RM5; 3 stops (Max): +RM10
 *Turnaround time for Color C-41 is typically within 5 working days, B&W is 7 working days. 4x5 Sheet Film approximately 2 weeks.

Negative Scanning
Uncut 135/120 roll and per 4x5 sheet: RM12
Cut 135/120 strip: RM6/strip
Mounted Slide: RM6/Slide
Delivery mechanism:  A link will be sent to your email for downloading the scan files.
Proof Prints: +RM18/roll for 120 film, +RM38/roll for 135 and 220 film
6R Size Index Print: +RM6 per roll

Printing -  on Fuji Film Photo papers
Size 4R:
10 Copies below: RM2 per copy
50 Copies below: RM1.60 per copy
51 Copies & above: RM1.40 per copy

Size 6R: RM6 per copy
Size 8R: RM12 per copy
Size 8RW: RM16 per copy

Giclee Printing - on Specialized papers
Size  8 x 12:
Galerie Smooth Pearl (310 GSM, 310 Micron) RM28 per copy
Ilford  Galerie Textured Cotton Rag (310 GSM, 500 Micron) RM55 per copy
Size 12 x 18:
Galerie Smooth Pearl (310 GSM, 310 Micron) RM56 per copy
Ilford  Galerie Textured Cotton Rag (310 GSM, 500 Micron) RM110 per copy

/ Mailing

Please fill in order form before drop in/mail in your film rolls to us, we will be reaching you via email once we received your film rolls.

Film mail in Address
Zontiga (Film Lab)
No. 21A, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Mailing back negatives fees
Peninsular Malaysia: RM9
East Malaysia: RM18
Outside Malaysia: Custom quote
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