We are collaborating with industry professionals and experience individuals in their respective fields to bring you these events and workshops.

 Upcoming workshops and events: 


  1. FiLM 101 Workshop (2 consecutive days, TBA); Fees: TBD
    • Introduction to film photography
    • Understanding variety/types of film cameras and formats
    • Film characteristic and exposure methods
    • How to work on a film camera
    • Understanding F Stop
    • Composition guide lines
    • How to work on a light-meter
    • Location shooting
    • Developing the negatives (B&W)
    • Understanding the concept of push and pull processing
    • Photo review and critiques


  1. B&W Film Development introductory workshop (4 hours - 8:30am - 12:30pm on 15th Feb, 8th Mar, 15th Mar 2019).  Fees: RM 75 inclusive of a roll of B&W film and processing chemicals.
    • Schematic of B&W Film
    • General process flow
    • Hand develop the negatives (B&W)
    • Concept of push and pull processing
    • Examining negatives and Negatives Scanning


  1. B&W Darkroom printing introduction (4 hours 8:30am - 12:30am  on 1st Mar 2019).  Fees: RM 125 inclusive of papers and processing chemicals.
    • Understanding Darkroom setup
    • Type of enlargers, papers, exposures time and chemicals
    • Making contact print
    • More printings
    • Print Spotting


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