B&W Darkroom


    • 2 x Enlargers; able to print from 135, 120 (645, and 6x6) negatives
    • Custom made sink, and table top and wash area
    • Drying cabinet
    • Fujifilm Frontier Negative Scanner; scanner is operated by our staff and there will be a RM6 scanning fees per roll.  
    • Film changing bag/tent
    • Paterson pro­cessing tanks and reels(120 and 135 films)
    • LED light box and loupe

    Darkroom Rental hours

    • Monday - Tuesday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm 

      Friday - Saturday: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

      Sunday : 11:30am - 2.00pm


    Every 1 hour is RM12 / person

    * Exclude paper and developer.  Stopper and Fixer chem­icals are inclusive; person must have basic know­ledge of dark­room operations


    Email to info@zontiga.com for any inquiries.

    Reservation must be made at least 1-day in advance and sub­ject to availability.