Flash Photography with Analog Cameras Workshop

Teacher:  Emillio Daniel
Level: Suitable for all levels
Duration: 4 hours


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Flash Photography with Analog Cameras Workshop

Buckle up with Emillio Daniel as he takes you on a journey into the world of flash photography. Hop on this ride to explore how flash works with both analog and digital cameras; but be quick as slots could be gone in a flash!

Understanding the basics of flash photography is an excellent way to open up many more possibilities in what you can achieve creatively. It’s also often thought of as the ‘professional studio look’ often seen in commercial photography.

For analog photographers, having access to flash also means unlocking an ability to be precise and balanced with the output of your photographs. No more overexposed skies and uneven shadows with a few simple techniques.

Emillio Daniel can be found at www.emilliodaniel.com.

What this workshop covers:

  • Using modern flash with 35mm, medium format, and large format analog cameras
  • Using flash with digital cameras
  • How to use a lightmeter with flash
  • How to modify the light output of flash
  • Practical applications of flash photography for portraits

    What to bring (optional):

    • Your own camera

    Who can join?:

    • This workshop is open to everyone of all levels

    Flash Photography with Analog Cameras Workshop
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