Kanta Portraits: Instant Portraits w/ Kanta Box Kamra

Teacher: Jeffrey Lim
Level: All Levels
Duration:  4 hours


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Kanta Portraits: Instant Portraits w/ Kanta Box Kamra

Experience the process of Kanta Portraits and the traditional practices of ‘large format’ photography and darkroom printing all within a box.

Learn the secrets of Jeff’s methods and alternative processes!

What this workshop covers:

  • Operating a box camera or large format camera
  • Composition with a box camera
  • Portrait making with basic lighting available
  • Processing instantly with silver-gelatin photo papers
  • Each participant will make and receive a self portrait print

What's included:

  • Large format & box cameras
  • Chemicals and materials

Who can join?:

  • Open to novice, intermediate and advanced photographers
  • A basic understanding of achieving focus, exposure with aperture, shutter speed and ISO are an advantage.
    • Knowing how to take light meter reading via a phone app is also a plus.
    • Participants can repeat this workshop to advance technically, learning to use more challenging cameras and advanced methods.

    This is the first of a two part workshop, the following workshops are specifically focused on printing and making positive prints.

    Kanta Portraits: Instant Portraits w/ Kanta Box Kamra
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